3 Months To Live

I was having coffee with a friend just the other day. We usually meet every Saturday morning or so to discuss our goals,our projects, what books are we reading, which ones should be reading. It’s seem intense but it really isn’t Just two guys having coffee and talking about the steps to get out of the rat race. When I had a moment of clarity. Why am I doing this? Why am I taking this at heart? Don’t I know that I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff? And it’s all small stuff. And then I asked myself, If I knew that I had only three months to live, What would I do differently today, than yesterday?

This sort of question appears every now and then on sites like Quora, Digg, Reddit etc. And most of the answers are similar. Donate all my money, travel the world, help the sick children etc. I say hogwash! You’re dying! Seeing the Pyramids in Egypt won’t bring you joy or any happiness.

So what would? What would bring me joy and happiness?

So after meeting my friend, I went back home and contemplated about it. And I actually put in some serious thought into it. What would I do if I knew I was dying in three months?

The first answer that appeared was travelling the world. I would want to go see Italy, since I’ve never been. And then visit Vienna, the Capital of Austria.

Italy would be first on my list, since my parents originally immigrated from Italy in the 1950’s (after WW2). It would be nice to visit my origins. See the village where my father and mother grew up. And perhaps met some distant cousins that I never met. And of course eating pizza.

Why would I want to visit Vienna? It’s a city that produce the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. What’s not to see?

And then I really got thinking. Would I really want to travel? Drive to the airport, wait in line, flight delays, security screening etc. Seems like a lot of wasting time in my opinion. My time is precious and I need to spend it wisely.

So I came up with a list of items that I would do.

Peace of mind

I would settle any financial issue right away. Pay off any debts, write a will, settle my life insurance, sell off my properties, set up a trust etc. Any source of stress must be abled immediately. The last thing I would want is to have a call from Visa while I’m on my dead bed telling me that I missed my monthly minimum payment. My time is precious, so I have to cut off anybody who isn’t a friend or family.

Laugh Every day

I would find the time to laugh every day. It’s actually my favourite thing to do. And I do have a very infectious laugh. Watching reruns of Dave Chappelle’s show, Tosh .0 or Seinfeld. Doesn’t matter. I will laugh because I want to leave with a smile on my face.

Write every day

Every day I would keep a detailed log of last days. Some sort of journal. Writing out everything in details. My regrets, my source of happiness etc.

Spend time with family and friends

Coffee with friends and family. Every day. No exception. Hug them, tell them how much I am grateful that I had them in my life and how they made my short life so much more enjoyable. Reminiscing about the good times.

Fulfill any sexual fantasy that I have

Being with two asian twin sure beats Machu Picchu! Don’t judge me, Im dying! And i am definitely leaving with a bang.

Thats its! That what I would do. Settling my shit, keep a detailed journal of my last 3 months, spending time with friends and familly laughing and reminiscing of the past and fulfilling any fantasy that I may have.

What would you do if you had only three months to live?

In Health,



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