What is the best place to find remote JavaScript jobs?

I was fired from my job in June of 2012.


It was the first time in my life that I was called to the manager’s office and there, he told me that my services would no longer be needed. I was an independent consultant, so there wasn’t any severance packages or deals. Just a simple, “Get the hell outta here, ASAP.”


As a consultant, you’re supposed to be immune to situation like these.
It’s a trade-off. High salary for no job security.

Nonetheless, it hurt. Like a bee-sting that just won’t go away.

Last time I was wounded in this matter is when the love of my life told that she didn’t love me anymore. Different situation but same feelings. Nobody likes being rejected.
It took me over nine months to find my next gig. I can’t count the number of sleepless nights I had. And the anxiety, ohhhhh the anxiety!

In those nine months, I did everything to find a job.

I scanned job sites, looked at job ads in the newspaper, and joined job forums. I even tweeted different with hashtags like #ineedajob #pleasehireme but nothing worked.
I started to believe that I would be jobless forever. That I wasn’t employable. That I was cursed by some mysterious with witchcraft for something bad I’ve done in my previous life.

Then one day I wrote an email to everyone in my network. Friends, family, old colleagues, high school buddies. Even ex-girlfriends! I was open, I was honest, I told them what I could do, what skills I have and how thankful I was for having them in my life. And after a few more sleepless nights, I finally landed a job.

All this to say is don’t waste your time with job boards and job sites. It’s not the best bang for your buck.

There are three sure fire ways to find a job. Not only JavaScript jobs, but any job in any field.

Here they are in no particular order.

  1. Networking
  2. Networking
  3. Networking

Anything else is essentially a big waste of time. This includes sending unsolicited emails to various companies and waiting for a reply. You need to be proactive. And not reactive and especially not passive.

First thing you should do, is write an introduction/sales letter to everyone in your contact. Explain them that you’re looking for a JavaScript job. Mention your previous work, skills, recommendations etc. A link to a portfolio would be great since most people are visual.

Remember, part of this email is that you’re selling yourself. You’re telling the world.

Hello World, this is me, there are my skills, this is what I can do, how can I help?”

Make sure you thank your contacts to have read your email. And to kindly forward to anybody who may need your services. Showing gratitude is attractive. And people love working with others that show a giving spirit.

Your network, friends, acquaintances, previous clients etc. will lead you to more job opportunities than any job site.

Think like a hunter, go out, hunt your prey, drag it back home and eat it.

In Health,


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