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    A review of the movie Silence

    Silence: A Review In late 2016, acclaimed movie-director Martin Scorsese, who famously directed movies like the Goodfellas and Casino, released his latest project entitled; Silence. It’s the first time, since Kundun that…

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    Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman?

    I’m a Dave Ramsey Fan Boy Originally posted on Quora, answering the question: Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman? Follow me on Quora. Thanks for the A2A. First of all, I suggest you read…

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    How do introverts enjoy life?

    Originally posted on Quora, answering the question: Interpersonal Interaction: What is the quickest way to get people to trust you. Follow me on Quora. Like many others, I am an introvert. I…

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    How to Be a Good Conversationalist?

    I first heard of Toastmasters in 2005, in an Italian cafe. One day while I was lounging around with a friend sipping on an espresso when one of the regulars of…